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Community College Gippsland (Leadership Coaching)

The return on our investment in coaching has been considerable.’

September 2011

Background: Bernadette consulted Corrinne over a manager who was ‘innovative, results focused and an asset to the organisation’. Bernadette was concerned that this manager’s development was‘inhibited by a lack of self-confidence, and sometimes this showed as defensiveness and a need to be in control’. This approach reduced the manager’s ability to influence and therefore her effectiveness.

Results: ‘Through leadership coaching with Corrinne, my manager has moved from a program management role to being a key member of the executive team, responsible for the strategic leadership of other managers. The manager’s budgetary responsibilities have increased threefold from just over $1 million dollars to over $4 million dollars per annum.’

The Program: Before the program officially began, the process of exploration and forward movement commenced for the client when she completed her Pre-Coaching Contemplation Workbook. Her responses gave Corrinne significant insights into how best to commence the coaching program.

This 8-session leadership-coaching program began with developing a personal mission covering the six key aspects to her life, providing a framework through which she could make decisions and assess her engagement with the world.

Confidence was addressed on a number of levels, including shifting deeply held beliefs that to this point had been unconscious and unvoiced, and that were not serving her. At the tactical level, debriefing workplace encounters and learning techniques to respond also supported her increasing confidence.

Completing a motivational profile gave her insights into how she may be experienced by others, and provided actionable insights on creating change.

By the fifth coaching session she was reporting ‘greater confidence and ease of life’.

360-degree feedback provided valuable information on how this manager was regarded by others. Corrinne conducted semi-structured interviews with Bernadette, one of the manager’s colleagues, and two of her direct reports. The resulting report provided feedback that both affirmed strengths and indicated opportunities for development, and was delivered in a way that it was received well and an action plan developed and implemented.

A strong leader emerged from the coaching program. Bernadette observed that the most significant developments were in the manager’s ‘self-confidence, her ability to consider the wider implications of decisions before choosing a path, and her ability to influence outcomes’.

Bernadette O’Connor, CEO, Community College Gippsland

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